The Power of Righteous Prayer

A picture of a electrical outlet with a plug inserted next to the words "Plugged In"
July 9, 2016

Hello my wonderful friends in Christ! This week’s program concerns the power of a righteous man approaching God in prayer. Our Lord is amazing, and the study of His Word can truly make one stronger and wiser. I sincerely hope you enjoy the program. We also would love to here…


A Special Question

A man praying with the words What if Jesus answered all your prayers for the last 7 days.
June 25, 2016

Hello, my wonderful friends! I am honored that you deem this program worthy of your time. I sincerely hope that your relationship with the Father and Jesus Christ is powerful and that you are aware of his inner light all the time. This week’s program deviates a bit from James…


Remain in the Gardener

A cluster of grapes and leaves with the words Life in the Vine
April 21, 2016

Hello my friends! This week’s show is very important. It concerns drawing close to the Lord and having the Lord draw close to us. I hope you listen and enjoy. Love from your shepherd in Christ, Tony Dering     If you have difficulties with Soundcloud the Dropbox link below…


The Lord Is God!

An outstanding photograph of a massive fireball shooting to earth
February 20, 2016

Hello ladies and gentlemen of Alive in Me.Today! How are you? I hope you are having a wonderful week in the Lord. Elijah wanted to bring the children of Israel back home to the Lord. This was the mission that he was made to do. It is an amazing story….


Elijah: Faith, Prayer, and Obedience

dry, cracked earth with a small green sprout popping up from the dryness
February 6, 2016

Hello Family and Friends of Alive in Me dot Today! I hope all is well with you. I have had a throat infection for a while now. It not serious, but still I would appreciate your prayers. The program this week begins an exciting series on Elijah. There are so…


Draw Close to God

Picture of a man with arm upraised standing with the cross in the background
June 20, 2015

Hello My Dear Friends! This week I have a very important message to share about drawing close to God. When we draw closer to God, he draws closer to us, and as we experience His presence more deeply wonderful things begin to happen. My deepest prayer for all of you…


How to Pray with Confidence

People pray over Tony at the Church of Multiplication in Israel
March 28, 2015

How can we pray with confidence? Is it possible to have confidence in our prayers. Yes! In this message from Luke 11 Tony explains four great principles of confident prayer. We must pray as the Lord taught us, patiently and persistently, and believing that He will never keep any good…



The words ask, seek, and knock stacked on top of one another.
March 21, 2015

The way to overcome barriers to faith is not a deep secret or a hidden truth. It is not a difficult spiritual exercise possible only after many years of training. In this message Tony explains that the path to faith begins with a simple request: Ask! Ask God to start…