How to Obey His Commandments

Text of If you love me you will keep my commandments
April 15, 2016

Hello my friends, I hope you are having a wonderful week in the Lord. This week’s program is an inspiring show concerning love, obedience, and the Holy Spirit. The show is called “10-3-2.” You’ll find out what that means by listening to the program. I hope you enjoy it. With…


Elijah: Faith, Prayer, and Obedience

dry, cracked earth with a small green sprout popping up from the dryness
February 6, 2016

Hello Family and Friends of Alive in Me dot Today! I hope all is well with you. I have had a throat infection for a while now. It not serious, but still I would appreciate your prayers. The program this week begins an exciting series on Elijah. There are so…


Honor God with Your Heart – 2

February 14, 2015

Hello friends, I urge you strongly not to miss this week’s program. Traditions are wonderful in many cases, yet sometimes they can be used to replace or fake pure love and true feelings. It is Valentine’s day in America. We celebrate this day as a romantic day and give special…