Freed from Evil!

Powerful chain explodes and breaks
February 28, 2015

Satan traps people into his webs of deception in ways the lead to slavery to evil and destruction of the good God created within us. In this exciting message, Tony tells the story of how a violent and destructive demon-possessed man was freed by Jesus and sent out to tell…


Jesus in Your Boat

Waves crashing on the sea of galilee
February 21, 2015

Hello friends! I am particularly excited about the this week’s show and several upcoming ones. They show us that Jesus Christ, through whom all things were made, has control of everything. If we have him in our lives, and listen to him with our hearts, and read his mighty Word,…


God Enables Us to Serve

A woman kneels in prayer
January 31, 2015

Are we ready to do what Jesus ask’s us to do? His commands are always for our own good. In fact, it is by obeying His commands that we become part of His great work. In this message, part two of the series “Jesus Loves Me,” Tony teaches from Mark…