The Cradle and the Cross

Picture of a manger with a crown of thorns within
December 24, 2016

Hello friends and family of the ministry Alive in me today. This week’s program is a very deeply personal program for me. Next week’s program as well. I want to tell yoou how much genuine love the Holy Spirit has put in me for all of you. I can’t and…


A Christmas Talk

Graphic of the words Pursuing the King
December 17, 2016

My true friends in Christ, Our Lord is “the way, the truth, and the life.”  Well, we talk about this on the next program.  He was born so we could have a way back to the father.  We should truly rejoice because he is, “the way, the truth, and the…


Have a ‘Mary’ Christmas

A picture of Mary and Joseph with Mary holding Jesus
December 10, 2016

Hello my wonderful family of friends who listen to Alive in Me dot Today! I personally believe that a lot more of you are listening than we know. We hope to hear from you soon. All the information is on the web site to get in touch with us. This…


Remain in the Gardener

A cluster of grapes and leaves with the words Life in the Vine
April 21, 2016

Hello my friends! This week’s show is very important. It concerns drawing close to the Lord and having the Lord draw close to us. I hope you listen and enjoy. Love from your shepherd in Christ, Tony Dering     If you have difficulties with Soundcloud the Dropbox link below…


Jesus Is the Way!

Two small figures stand in front of a glorious stairway to heaven
April 9, 2016

Hello Alive in Me Friends! This week, we want to drive home into our hearts that Jesus is the only way to God. This is true because He is God. No one can come to the Father without coming through him. He is the way to joy, happiness, peace, and…


Jesus Washes Our Feet

A picture of hands lovingly washing a foot
April 2, 2016

Hello friends and family of Alive in Me dot Today! I thought that after Easter, we might go over some of the last instructions and actions of our Lord before he went to the cross. So, we will be doing programs from John 13 to 17. The first one has…


He Is Risen Indeed!

redemption 2-1
March 25, 2016

Dear Friends of Alive in Me dot Today! This Friday we remember the death of the Lord. Sunday we celebrate His resurrection. He is risen indeed! May you have a blessed Easter! Tony Dering


Pilate Confronts Jesus

Jesus stands on the balcony with Pontius Pilate
March 17, 2016

Hello friends of Alive in Me dot Today! I hope all of you are beginning to think about the deepest week of the year. This week’s program has to do with the questions Pilate asked Jesus, and, some of the answers Jesus gave in return. They tell us much about…