God’s Wonderful Plan

Photo of two hands with the bright sun shining between them
September 5, 2015

To All My Dear Friends in Christ, I greet you today from Bangkok, Thailand, where I am visiting and ministering with Campus Crusade for Christ in Thailand. We have been working with pastors and churches on the “National Plan” for the evangelization of Thailand. What a privilege and how exciting….


Building on Rock

Beautiful picture of massive Uluru rock in Australia
June 28, 2015

Dear Friends in Christ! It has been an astonishing week. I cannot easily describe how moved I was to see deep faith in action as the member of Mother Emmanuel Church in Charleston, South Carolina exemplified courage, love and forgiveness in the midst of tragedy. Sometimes people wonder if the…


Knowing God Heart to Heart

Two ropes of different colors knotted together
June 13, 2015

Hello my wonderful friends in Christ. May you always be aware of the Holy Spirit working in you every day. \The Lord judges things differently than we do sometimes. He looks into the heart, where as we sometimes just look at the actions of people. We need to be very…


The Evidence of Discipleship

May 22, 2015

What is the distinctive mark of all true followers of Jesus? Is there any quality that is absolutely essential? Yes! Love, real, genuine, sincere, deep and true love is the indispensable mark of a disciple. Love is not the only quality but it is in a very real sense the…


Bearing Spiritual Fruit

A basket with many varieties of fruit
May 8, 2015

What is the most important thing God wants to do in our lives? That’s a big question isn’t it? We know that He has a purpose for us. He has work he wants to do in us. He has a plan. Yes, he does. So what is the plan? We’ll…


Let the Holy Spirit Blaze Within You!

Flames with the words "let the Holy Spirit Blaze within you"
April 29, 2015

With this new program I want to encourage you to live for Christ more fully than ever. We are alive in Christ with the Holy Spirit living within. The power of the Spirit gives us strength to please God, to serve others, and to witness to the grace of Christ….


Honor God with Your Heart – 1

February 7, 2015

Whether we want to admit it or not, the human heart is a filthy place. Yes, it has some good points, but even those many times have bad motives to them. This, I know, is a hard pill to swallow until you know the remedy: Jesus Christ, and his cleansing…