Text on a sunset background that says Forgiveness Giving Up Your Right to Get Even

Freedom Through Forgiveness

Hello my wonderful friends! This week’s program concerns forgiving others. The Lord commanded us to forgive others so that we could live lives with much less stress. After all, the Lord Jesus Christ died for our sins, so we should forgive others as well. The program talks about the benefits…

Picture of an eagle in the sky and the words of 1 John 1:9 in the background

Forgive Us Our Sins

Hello my wonderful friends! This week’s program concerns forgiveness. We speak about three benefits of asking the Lord to forgive our sins. It is a wonderful thing that the Lord Jesus christ has done for us. We are completely and unconditionally forgiven for all our sins, when we accept his…

This image includes the words the power of the tongue set next to a flaming match

The Power of the Tongue

Hello my wonderful friends who listen to the Alive in Me programs! This week’s program concerns the tongue. The tongue can bring blessings or curses to our lives. We can either heal with it, or crush people with it. After all, what one says with the tongue comes from the…