Encourage Yourself in the Lord

A man raises his hands to God for encouragement

Hello my wonderful friends!

I consider you family. This week’s program concerns something that I feel is very important in my life, so I pass it on to you. We must learn to encourage ourselves in the Lord.

Life can be very discouraging, and sometimes we can get so discouraged that we actually forget about our Lord and end up in enemy territory. I mean by that states of mind or places we should not be in our lives. When we finally get backed up against the wall, then, we must remember that we have a Living Lord that lives in us, if we know him. He will help us if we come to him.

We can do this in three ways. We can remember we are victorious through our Lord Jesus Christ, and that no situation is too difficult for him. We have complete access to him as our great high priest. We can read the Word of God, and visit with him about our situation, confessing our sins, and asking for advice. And, finally, we can be given strength and boldness to get up and do what needs to be done. We will receive the bravery or vallor to get up and do the things he guides us to do to remedy the situation.

So, I hope you listen. I trust you will enjoy it, and will find it useful in your life.
with genuine love through the Holy Spirit through Christ our Lord.

Your servant in Christ,

Tony Dering



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  1. This is vintage Tony spreading the word of his Heavenly Father.
    Dr. Guy Saffold deserves A LOT of credit for making such a great website.

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