Have a ‘Mary’ Christmas

Hello my wonderful family of friends who listen to Alive in Me dot Today!

I personally believe that a lot more of you are listening than we know. We hope to hear from you soon. All the information is on the web site to get in touch with us.

This week’s program stresses the most important thing we can do as Christians: read our Bibles. The Bible is the God-breathed Word of Life. Every single word is inspired, and put there for a very specific reason. When we read the Bible every day, we are interacting with the Lord Jesus Christ in ways more important that we understand.

READ IT! Listen to the program please. Next week’s program will continue on this theme, it will show us how Mary the mother of our Lord knew Scripture, and she was incredibly blessed as we all know.

It’s a ‘Mary’ Christmas!

With genuine love through the Holy Spirit who shines in those of us who know Jesus Christ,

Tony Dering, a shepherd in Christ.



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Have a ‘Mary’ Christmas

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