The Cradle and the Cross

Hello friends and family of the ministry Alive in me today. This week’s program is a very deeply personal program for me. Next week’s program as well. I want to tell yoou how much genuine love the Holy Spirit has put in me for all of you. I can’t and won’t speak for you, but as for this shepherd, I have sinned a great deal in my life and have experienced the consiquences of that sin. I still do. However, as for the amazing Godliness that floods my soul with his deep forgiving power, I am so very grateful. The Lord Jesus Christ was born in order that he might take my awful sins, and yours, if you are like minded and put them upon himself. So, even though we bear the consequences on earth for our mistakes and faults, he bore the eternal consiquences of those actions. Isn’t that wonderful? I am clean, and so are you, because of the babe in the manger who later became the God man who bore those eternal consiquences on the cross.

Merry Christmas!

With deep genuine love for you because of what the Lord has done

Shepherd Tony Dering



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