A Christmas Talk

My true friends in Christ,

Our Lord is “the way, the truth, and the life.”  Well, we talk about this on the next program.  He was born so we could have a way back to the father.  We should truly rejoice because he is, “the way, the truth, and the life.”  We should feel good about giving to each other, because we are giving love to one another when we do this.  If it is an obligation, then don’t do it.  But, if it is because your sins are forgiven because Christ is born, then give in love and grace.  Those shopping lines, or on-line services won’t seem to bad if our motive is right.

With much friendship and love,

Tony Dering, a shepherd of our Lord.



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  1. John Oneto says:

    I’ve made a few corrections.

    I’ve known Tony “The Lion” fir 26 years. I first met him in the ‘Last Run’ at Bear Valley where he was performing with his partner, Jim Lytle. At the end of the show, he invited me to his room for a prayer meeting with a few of his friends – Protestants, a Mormon, a Jew and a Catholic, a real ecumenical group.

    Tony and Jim played at Rosalinda’s and my 25th and 50th Wedding Anniversary celebrations. At our 50th. he gifted us with a hand carved box that contained five stones that he picked from the stream where David got his to kill Goliath.

    We attended several San Francisco Giants and a few Oakland A’s games. Several of them over the years were with his team, the Chicago Cubs. The last game I saw with him was this August, the Cubs vs the Oakland A’s at the Oakland Colesium. The Cubs won 4-3.
    He introduced me to the song, “The Dying Cubs Fans Last Request” written by Steve Goodman, who also wrote “The Train They Called the City of New Orleans”. In the song the dying Cub fan said “Stop it. Don’t Cry for me. I’ll be in heaven watching the Angels play. I’m the one that feels sorry for you. You’re here watching the Cubs play”. This song was written 32 years ago. Tony lived to see the Cubs win there first World Series in 108 years.
    Tony wrote some excellent songs himself. Two are “The Blind White Rapper” and “Here Come the Giants”.
    The ending verse of the”Blind White Rapper is “You’ve got to get down and love. – Rapper — Blind White”
    The opening verse of Here come the Giants is “Fie Fye Fo Hum – Here Come the Giants. Our colors are orange and black”.
    Tony was one of my best friends. I attended two or three of his Bible Teachings at the Assembly of God Church in Seaside where he taught Bible classes and operated the Sound System during services. He really knew the Bible and his teachings were inspiring and interesting. In addition, he had a long time prison ministry at the maximum security prison in Soledad. He led three services. He said that the most hardened inmates who had been there the longest had the best singing voices.
    He was a true Christian. It was an honor for me to know him.
    “Jack the Blue and Gold”

    1. Hi, my name is Dan, I was fortunate to have known Tony Dering since the mid 1990’s. He lovingly served the Lord with every breath he took and let all his. Acquaintance’s, friends and loved ones know. I am happy and relieved to know that Tony is with the Lord and all who knew him were truly blessed. God bless you my Brother, RIP ” high on that mountain,”

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