A Special Question

A man praying with the words What if Jesus answered all your prayers for the last 7 days.
June 25, 2016

Hello, my wonderful friends! I am honored that you deem this program worthy of your time. I sincerely hope that your relationship with the Father and Jesus Christ is powerful and that you are aware of his inner light all the time. This week’s program deviates a bit from James…


Praying with the Right Motives

Picture of a phone hanging unanswered on a cord. Why won't God answer my prayers
June 18, 2016

Hello my wonderful friends in Christ . . . and even these who don’t know him yet! This week’s program is very important indeed. It is found in the book of James chapter 4 verses 3 and 4 mainly. It is about why we don’t have many of our requests…


Help, Hope and Horror

Picture of a man with his hand to his ear as if to listen
June 11, 2016

Hello my friends! May the peace and power of our Lord Jesus Christ dwell richly in you always. This week’s program covers a subject we have covered before. It is found in James Chapter 1 verses 19 and 20. How do we make our relationships with others right in God’s…


The Wisdom from Above

The words wisdom from above against a background of sky and clouds
June 4, 2016

Hello my Friends! May the Lord Jesus Christ be with you. You know, the true battle for Godly love and wisdom rages within our hearts and minds. This week’s program talks about that tremendous battle. Have you examined your heart lately? How are you doing with envy and ambition? The…