Remain in the Gardener

A cluster of grapes and leaves with the words Life in the Vine
April 21, 2016

Hello my friends! This week’s show is very important. It concerns drawing close to the Lord and having the Lord draw close to us. I hope you listen and enjoy. Love from your shepherd in Christ, Tony Dering     If you have difficulties with Soundcloud the Dropbox link below…


How to Obey His Commandments

Text of If you love me you will keep my commandments
April 15, 2016

Hello my friends, I hope you are having a wonderful week in the Lord. This week’s program is an inspiring show concerning love, obedience, and the Holy Spirit. The show is called “10-3-2.” You’ll find out what that means by listening to the program. I hope you enjoy it. With…


Jesus Is the Way!

Two small figures stand in front of a glorious stairway to heaven
April 9, 2016

Hello Alive in Me Friends! This week, we want to drive home into our hearts that Jesus is the only way to God. This is true because He is God. No one can come to the Father without coming through him. He is the way to joy, happiness, peace, and…


Jesus Washes Our Feet

A picture of hands lovingly washing a foot
April 2, 2016

Hello friends and family of Alive in Me dot Today! I thought that after Easter, we might go over some of the last instructions and actions of our Lord before he went to the cross. So, we will be doing programs from John 13 to 17. The first one has…