Avoiding Ungodliness

Graphic of say no to ungodliness!
October 31, 2015

Greetings Friends, This week I share with you some important thoughts about avoiding the danger of ungodliness. It is time to remember the Lord and follow Him. I hope you will follow Him today. It will change your life. Tony Dering     Avoiding Ungodliness Click on the SoundCloud link…


Experiencing God’s Love

A sunset with psalm 35.5 written beneath
October 24, 2015

Dear Friends! Today we are talking about experiencing the depth, with, length and breath of God’s love. We can do more than know he loves us, we can actually experience it. For more, we will tell you on this week’s Bible study program Alive in me dot today. We hope…


Our Hearts. God’s Light!

A golden heart filled with light spilling out in all directions
October 17, 2015

Dear Friends in the Lord, As you know, if you have listened to our program or read any of our e-votionals, we believe that the Holy Spirit is alive and blazing in us today. He wants to share everything with us. He even goes through the heartaches and tragedies we…


Getting Rid of Hatred

Picture of a divided heart with simple love on the left and a snarl of ugly hate on the right.
October 10, 2015

Dear Friends at Alive in Me Dot Today, This week I am writing to you about a very serious subject covered on this week’s program. Are you a Christian? Do you harbor any real hatred towards another Christian? I don’t mean anger for a while, or hurt for a time,…


Why God Hates Idolatry

Photo of an ancient Buddhist temple at Ayuthaya, Thailand
October 3, 2015

Hello Friends! This week I continue to reflect on my time in Thailand and the theme of idols. We know God hates the worship of idols. Why? The answer is really very simple. God wants to be the number one cause in our lives. He wants first place in your…