Building on Rock

Beautiful picture of massive Uluru rock in Australia
June 28, 2015

Dear Friends in Christ! It has been an astonishing week. I cannot easily describe how moved I was to see deep faith in action as the member of Mother Emmanuel Church in Charleston, South Carolina exemplified courage, love and forgiveness in the midst of tragedy. Sometimes people wonder if the…


Draw Close to God

Picture of a man with arm upraised standing with the cross in the background
June 20, 2015

Hello My Dear Friends! This week I have a very important message to share about drawing close to God. When we draw closer to God, he draws closer to us, and as we experience His presence more deeply wonderful things begin to happen. My deepest prayer for all of you…


Knowing God Heart to Heart

Two ropes of different colors knotted together
June 13, 2015

Hello my wonderful friends in Christ. May you always be aware of the Holy Spirit working in you every day. \The Lord judges things differently than we do sometimes. He looks into the heart, where as we sometimes just look at the actions of people. We need to be very…


Leaders Like Refreshing Rain

Dew drops glistening on shoots of tender new grass
June 5, 2015

In this week’s program, I speak about the qualifications and results of a God-led leader. This study is taken from 2 Samuel chapter 23 verses 1-4. We all are leaders in one sense or another. It is important to learn some principles about leadership driven by the Holy Spirit. This…


Live from Singapore

Tony and Rev Chan Chiong Hiok, President East Asia School of Theology in Singapore
June 3, 2015

Greetings Everyone! Tony Dering here reporting from the East Asia School of Theology in Singapore. In this show I share with you some of my observations on the exciting city of Singapore and its incredibly dynamic growth. I also give you just a taste of what I have been learning…