How to Pray with Confidence

People pray over Tony at the Church of Multiplication in Israel
March 28, 2015

How can we pray with confidence? Is it possible to have confidence in our prayers. Yes! In this message from Luke 11 Tony explains four great principles of confident prayer. We must pray as the Lord taught us, patiently and persistently, and believing that He will never keep any good…



The words ask, seek, and knock stacked on top of one another.
March 21, 2015

The way to overcome barriers to faith is not a deep secret or a hidden truth. It is not a difficult spiritual exercise possible only after many years of training. In this message Tony explains that the path to faith begins with a simple request: Ask! Ask God to start…


What Keeps You From Faith?

Two women pray at the Church of the Beatitudes in Israel
March 14, 2015

Hello friends! I sincerely hope you are doing well in the Lord. This program concerns faith and the barriers that can come up to block or inhibit it. It simply points out what these barriers are, so we can look out for them. We did not quite finish, so next…


A Touch of Faith

A large tree with branches formed into the letters for faith and a bird in the branches
March 7, 2015

What is it that Jesus loves to find in a person more than anything else? What is the one quality that moves him to compassion and response? The story of a woman who was healed after twelve years of desperation makes the answer clear. Faith — even a small touch…