Encourage Yourself in the Lord

A man raises his hands to God for encouragement
December 31, 2016

Hello my wonderful friends! I consider you family. This week’s program concerns something that I feel is very important in my life, so I pass it on to you. We must learn to encourage ourselves in the Lord. Life can be very discouraging, and sometimes we can get so discouraged…


When Things Go South

A picture of Mark Watney from the movie The Martian with the Words At some point everything is going to go south on you
November 13, 2016

Hello Friends! This week I want to speak about what to do when life takes an unexpected turn. We are hit with an unexpected financial reverse. A relationship falls into serious difficulty. A serious illness disrupts our plans and possibly even threatens out life. These and many other events can…



Picture of a kitten soundly sleeping
November 6, 2016

Rest is precious. God’s wants us to have it. Scripture tells us that hard work without rest is wrong. Our bodies and minds must have rest if we are to function well. There is a deep issue of trust in the Lord at stake in our willingness to rest. It…


Deliver Us From Evil

The words deliver us from evil on a linen background
September 17, 2016

Hello my wonderful friends. This week’s program concerns a part of the Lord’s prayer which instructs us to pray for deliverance from the evil One. We are going to camp on this part of the prayer for at least one more week. We have an enemy who is completely dedicated…


Lead Us Not Into Temptation – Part 2

picture of a person pushing against a huge and heavy stone
September 10, 2016

Hello my friends! This week’s program is extremely important. Our Lord tells us to pray about tests and trials that come into our lives. Who causes most tests and trials? That is what we discuss on this program. I sincerely pray and hope you enjoy and benefit from it. With…


Lead Us Not Into Temptation: Part 1

Picture of a hand holding out a large apple
September 3, 2016

Hello my wonderful friends! This week’s program centers on temptation. We talk about how we can prayerfully discuss our temptations and weaknesses with the Lord. We can do nothing without his mighty power and strength. I hope it will be helpful to you. With much love, Shepherd Tony Dering.  …


Freedom Through Forgiveness

Text on a sunset background that says Forgiveness Giving Up Your Right to Get Even
August 20, 2016

Hello my wonderful friends! This week’s program concerns forgiving others. The Lord commanded us to forgive others so that we could live lives with much less stress. After all, the Lord Jesus Christ died for our sins, so we should forgive others as well. The program talks about the benefits…


Our Daily Bread

A picture of freshly baked loaves of bread
August 6, 2016

Hello my wonderful friends! This week’s program continues our look at the root prayer of the Bible: our Mighty Lord’s prayer. The Lord wants us to bring our needs and love to him all the time. This is why he teaches us to pray for our daily bread. In this…